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Carbon Fiber Kevlar Electroplate Phone Case For iPhone 14 Pro

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Carbon Fiber Kevlar Electroplate Phone Case For Iphone 14 pro 

1. Breathable aramid fiber, efficient physical ventilation and fast heat dissipation.
2. Hidden magnetic design, built-in MagSafe magnetic attraction.
3. Hidden strong magnetic adsorption, charging and playing games are both correct, and it is more enjoyable to play while charging.
4. The metal lens frame is 0.5mm higher than the lens and camera, and the silk screen is finely engraved, giving the phone case an unparalleled appearance.
5. Nano vacuum plating technology achieves the same-level frame as Pro.
6. Military-grade drop-resistant, can withstand up to 1500N, Class III armor in the phone case.
7. The lotus leaf is oleophobic, and there is no fear of fingerprint oil erosion.
8. Has good performance and can be used for a long time.

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Carbon Fiber Kevlar Electroplate Phone Case For iPhone 14 Pro

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