Ayoub Mobile Shop Warranty

Ayoub Mobile Shop seeks to provide the best after-sale service by providing warranty to all its customers.

After-sales service is on all mobile phones, keyboards, watches, headphones and other electronic accessories.

Warranty period

Warranty period is 12 months from date of purchase.

General procedures

  • Ayoub mobile Shop Warranty covers only factory faults/defects and does not cover any issues caused due to misuse.
  • Ayoub mobile Shop   warranty does not cover any device that is exposed to natural disasters.
  • The device examination period /response time in the maintenance center is 72 hours.
  • Ayoub mobile Shop   reserves the right to repair the device (without exchanging the device) after the completion of 14 days from the date of purchase.
  • If the device was repaired or exchanged during the warranty period the warranty on the replaced device is valid until the end of the original device warranty period.
  • The warranty on the repaired/exchanged device cannot be extended or transferred from old device.
  • Ayoub mobile Shop   is not responsible for the loss of passcodes and customer’s private data.

Terms of Warranty

  • The warranty will be void if the device has scratches, dents, crack, exposed to liquids,or any damage caused due to shock.
  • Warranty voids if the device is tampered with, opened or modified by other service centers, other than  Ayoub mobile Shop.
  • Warranty does not cover if unsupported/incompatible software is installed on the device.
  • FMI (Find my Phone) has to be switched off/ removed from the device to proceed with any warranty process.