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1.8m HDMI Male to VGA Male 15PIN Video Cable(Black) – Best

KWD 2.500

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1. High definition passive conversion, audio/video synchronization, HDMI to VGA, plug and play.
2. Suitable for all AV interface equipment, HDMI to VGA is to convert HDMI HD digital audio / video signals into VGA composite video signals and L/R stereo sound signals, converting HDMI signals into ordinary TV with VGA interface, monitors and so on
3. High performance digital chip processing, which is delicate and beautiful
4. Super compatible, enhanced version support, box for Xiaomi, barley box, HD player, notebook, game consoles, set top box
5. Audio/video synchronous transmission, automatic decoding of digital audio signals for analog audio, automatically adapt to the display device, the resolution automatically adjusted to better results
6. Cable length: 1.8m

This cable will not convert regular VGA video card signal to HDMI. 2) It is not a PC-to-TV cable. This cable will only work on specific devices that output digital HDMI signals via VGA ports. 3) These devices include but are not limited to: HDD/PMP players. 4) Length: 1.8m –

Note: 1) This cable functions as a signal transmitter, but NOT a signal converter. 2) As HDMI carries digital signals while VGA / RCA carries analog signals.In order for these two formats of signal to communicate with each other, both input and output devices needs to support the signal conversion function (code and decode), please kindly check with your user manual. If both input / output device do not support signal conversion, a signal conversion box is required.


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